Your Dream Puppy Return Policy

Our return policy is as follows: If a puppy needs to be returned due to landlord issues or puppy not fitting in with your family or you're Allergic to the puppy, etc. The adopter has 1 weeks to return the puppy back and receive half of the adoption fee paid. All refund payments are process in the way the payment was received. There are no full refunds given for a healthy puppy. If an adopter would like a full refund then he/she must have their puppy Examined by a state license veterinarian. If your Veterinarian deems that your puppy has a life-threatening issue YDP will need to receive a not fit for sale form by that Veterinarian. Once we receive your not fit for sale form, a full refund for the cost of the puppy will be given. 

There will be no exceptions to the full refund rule. Puppies that were adopted the day before must still meet this requirement for a full refund. 

Disclaimer:  YDP are not the breeders of any of our puppies. Our mixed breed puppies may contain other breeds. If looking for 50/50 split puppies please view our photos that indicate 50/50 split. Please click on our photos for the puppies breeds & fees. 

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